Suricate Negro

Circle Mage de Anderfells


Class/Level: Mage 6
Height: 1,80m
Weight: 75kg

HP: 67 Mana: 61 Speed: 13 Defense: 13 Armor: -
0 Communication
5 Constitution (Stamina, Running)
2 Cunning (Arcane Lore, Heraldry)
3 Dexterity
5 Magic (Primal, Arcane Lance)
1 Perception
-1 Strength
3 Willpower (Courage, Self-Discipline)

Weapon Groups:
Brawling, Staves

Lore (Journeyman), Primal Magic (Journeyman)

Class Powers:
Spellpower: 15 (17 Primal)

Specialization: Battlemage
Novice: Might Spell stunt for 1SP instead of 2, but only for Primal spells.

Shock, Heal, Rock Armor, Winter’s Grasp, Frost Weapons, Cone of Cold

Melee Weapon Attack Damage
Ranged Weapon Attack Damage Short Long Reload
Arcane Lance +4 1d6+4 0y 16y -

“Hm. Interessante. O que serĂ¡ que isso faz?”

Suricate Negro

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