Will Stormrage

Dwarf Duster Rogue


Class/Level: Rogue 10
Height: 1,20m
Weight: 75kg

HP: 104 Speed: 13 Defense: 15 Armor: 4
5 Communication (Leadership, Deception)
4 Constitution
5 Cunning (Evaluation, Healing, Enchantment)
5 Dexterity (Legerdemain, Stealth, Initiative)
1 Magic
5 Perception (Empathy)
2 Strength
1 Willpower (Courage, Self-Discipline)

Weapon Groups:
Bows, Brawling, Light Blades, Staves

Thievery (Novice); Dual Weapon (Novice), Runecrafting (Novice)

Class Powers:
Magic Resistance: +2 to any roll to resist spell effects.
Rogue’s Armor: No Armor Penalty for leather armor.
Backstab: Win an opposed test of your Dexterity (Stealth) vs. your target’s Perception (Seeing). If successful, gain +2 on attack roll and +1d6 damage.
Bluff: Win an opposed test of your Communication (Deception) vs. your target’s Willpower(Self-Discipline). If successful, you can backstab adjacent enemies.
Stunt Bonus: Pierce Armor (1SP)
Dirty Fighting: If you are successful on a melee attack you can choose to not deal damage but force the target to roll TN 15 Constitution (Stamina) or be stunned, until a successful roll on their turn. All Rogue melee attacks against a stunned target is a Backstab.

Specialization: Shadow
Novice: Activate Shadow Mode for +1 Dex (Stealth, Legerdemain), +1 to Defense.
Journeyman: Decoy
Master: Add Cunning to Backstab damage if in Shadow Mode

Melee Weapon Attack Damage
Short Sword (x2) +5 1d6+4
Morningstar +5 1d6+5
Ranged Weapon Attack Damage Short Long Reload
Crossbow +5 2d6+6 30y 60y Major
Long Bow +5 1d6+9 26y 52y Minor

“Mano, relaxa. Eu sei o que estou fazendo. Confia em mim!”

Will Stormrage

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