Ernie of Stone-Bear Hold

Avvar Barbarian


Class/Level: Warrior 7
Height: 1,90m
Weight: 100kg

HP: 78 Speed: 11 Defense: 13 Armor: 5
1 Communication
5 Constitution
1 Cunning (Brewing)
3 Dexterity (Riding, Initiative)
0 Magic
2 Perception (Tracking)
5 Strength (Climbing, Heavy Blades)
5 Willpower (Courage)

Weapon Groups:
Brawling, Axe, Bludgeon, Polearm, Heavy Blades

Two-Hander Style (Master); Thrown Weapon Style (Novice), Armor Training (Journeyman)

Class Powers:
Stunt Bonus: Dual Strike (3SP), Threaten (1SP), Might Blow (1SP)

Specialization: Berserk

Melee Weapon Attack Damage
Two-Handed Sword +7 3d6+5
Ranged Weapon Attack Damage Short Long Reload
Throwing Axe +3 1d6+2 8y 16y Minor

Ernie of Stone-Bear Hold

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